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Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools

A community approach to safer school construction is central to implementing the Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools (WISS). As part of WISS, governments from around the world sign up to be Safe School Leaders. These national leaders agree to advance safer school initiatives by applying a comprehensive approach to school safety in their own countries.

Objectives of WISS:

  • Promote governments’ good practices, expertise, and achievements to create safer schools and to duplicate successes in other countries and regions.
  • Identify any challenges to creating safer schools.
  • Support governments to develop national strategies for school safety as part of existing national disaster risk reduction or education plans.
  • Offer technical assistance and expertise to governments around the three core pillars of safer schools.
  • Encourage governments currently promoting safer schools to become Safe School Leaders as part of the WISS program.


Read more about WISS and how to become a Safe School Leader.

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