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icon1Stage 1: Prepare

icon2Stage 2: Plan

icon3Stage 3: Design

icon4Stage 4: Construct

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Who should watch these videos?

  • Managers of school construction projects
  • Senior managers who oversee school construction programs
  • Ministry of Education officials with oversight of education and facilities
  • Development actors who coordinate the construction of schools


What is the purpose of these videos?

These videos are intended to strongly justify why the viewer should consider a community-based approach to school construction and why the viewer should insist on a safer school approach that considers hazards in the site plan, design, and construction of the school. The segments are designed to pique curiosity and conviction, to encourage the viewer to seek out further detail in the Towards Safer School Construction guide and other resources, or to ask that a field manager/site manager do so.

Safer School Construction: an overview

A community approach to safer school construction includes five stages: Prepare, Plan, Design, Construct and Maintain. This overview explains how communities and technical experts work together to make sure the school building is safe from hazards and the project becomes a learning opportunity for the whole community. With a safer school project, communities can develop a culture of safety.

Stage 1 : Prepare

The first stage starts with learning and preparing. The program manager (the person who makes sure school construction is completed on time and on budget) first understands the local context and then helps communities understand that safer schools are possible.


Stage 2: Plan

In the community planning stage the program manager and school management committee talk with hazard experts and find a safe site for building a school. They also talk with the community to understand what kind of school is needed.


Stage 3: Design

In the community design stage, the program manager introduces the design team to the school management committee. Working back and forth, the design team and committee select a school design that will be safe, inspiring, and achievable.


Stage 4: Construct

During community construction, the program manager makes sure everyone working on the school project is trained how to use hazard-resistant construction and that workers follow the design. The school management committee helps monitor the process, but the program manager also makes sure the project is independently inspected for safety.


Stage 5: Maintain

In the post-construction stage the school is handed over to the community with a big celebration. The school management committee then focuses on developing school safety procedures and educational tools. These will ensure that the lessons of safety, and the school building itself, are maintained.

Video credits

These videos were made possible by the support of many schools, communities, governments, organisations, and individuals from around the world.
Read about everyone who made these videos possible.

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