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Video acknowledgements

Funded by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). Produced by Save the Children and Risk RED in support of the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES).

Much appreciation is extended to the countless individuals — program managers, technical experts, school staff, parents, children, education authorities, and organisation representatives — who opened their school projects and workplaces to our film crew.

Scriptwriter and technical lead: Dr. Rebekah Paci-Green from Risk RED, with support from Kate McFarlane, David Wardell, Nick Ireland, Dr. Marla Petal and Michele Young, all from Save the Children.
Production Manager: Kate McFarlane, with support from Michele Young, Dr. Rebekah Paci-Green and David Wardell.
Video production and post-production: David Wardell, with production support from JB Eudela in the Philippines, Trin Oupkam in Thailand and Jesse Nicols in the United States of America.
Translations: SBS In Language
Website development: Blanc & White Studio, with support from Catriona Constance from Save the Children

Thank you to the following organisations, institutions and ministries for opening their doors to be filmed:









El Salvador

Thank you to the following people for sharing their knowledge and experience in an interview:

  • Adessa, Student, Manay National High School, Davao Oriental, Philippines
  • Adrián Ferreiro Pérez, Guatemala Country Coordinator Arquitectura Sin Fronteras
  • Amod Dixit, Executive Director, National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) Nepal
  • Bernadine Blay, Personnel Officer, Ghana Education Service, Jomoro, Sabre Charitable Trust
  • Dr. Bishnu Pandey, Faculty, British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Blanca Odilia Hidalgo, Tile maker at B´eljuj Q´anil Cooperative
  • Carlos Roberto Ortiz Maldonado, Student at El Rosario Public High School
  • Damián Vail Alonzo, Community leader, ASIAPRODI
  • David Arnoldo Montenegro Gramajo, Superintendent of Champerico
  • Edgar Peña, Vice Dean Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the University of El Salvador
  • Elhadji Talla Sarr, Chef de chantier, employed by Arquitectura sin Fronteras
  • Esaú López Mérida, Math teacher at El Rosario Public High School
  • Eshmi Rai, Project Supervisor, Community Energy and Ecology Development Forum Nepal
  • Griselda de León Abendaño, Community leader, María del Mar
  • Ibrahim Arkoh, Fmr. Site Engineer, Sabre Charitable Trust
  • Ibrahima Tambedou, Supervisor at school CEM3
  • Juventina López Vasquez, Community leader, ASIAPRODI
  • Juvy Z. Montenegro, Teacher/Youth for Environment in Schools (YES) Coordinator, Manay National High School, Davao Oriental, Philippines
  • Lara Medín López, Project coordinator, Arquitectura Sin Fronteras
  • Lawrence Mensah, Fmr. Construction Projects Manager, Sabre Charitable Trust
  • Mamouthe Varore, General supervisor at school CEM3
  • María Calzadilla Beunza, Project Management in Senegal, Arquitectura sin Fronteras
  • Dr. Marla Petal, Senior Advisor, Education and Disaster Risk Reduction, Save the Children
  • Micaela Jímenez Vaíl, Principal at Nueva Cajolá Public High School
  • Michele Young, Asia Regional Shelter and Construction Advisor, Save the Children
  • Mohaimah D. Mangandog, Project Engineer, Plan International – Philippines
  • Dr. Rebekah Paci-Green, Associate Professor at Western Washington University
  • Ronilda R. Co, Director, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Service (DRRMS), Department of Education, Philippines
  • Sara Díez Cámara, Project Management in Senegal, Arquitectura sin Fronteras
  • Shalikram Pokharel, Project Coordinator, Backwardness Eradication Society Nepal
  • Steve Francis L. Sarigumba, Project Manager, Plan International-Philippines
  • Surya Acharya, Director, National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) Nepal

Thank you to the following people for reviewing the scripts and videos:

Adrián Ferreiro
Amit Kumar
Amod Mani Dixit
Andrew Powell
Anne Sanquini
Arielle Garton
Aubrey Malcolm-Gre
Billy Abimbilla
Dr. Bishnu Pandey
Brad Smith
Carlos Vasquez
Charles Newman
Danielle Wade
David Williams
Edgar Peña
Elizabeth Hausler
Hayley Gryc
Jair Torres
Janet Rodgers
Lisa Rose
Lizzie Blaisdell Collins

Manu Gupta
Dr. Marla Petal
Michele Young
Nadia Pulmano
Nick Ireland
Niels B. Holm-Nielsen
Olle Castell
Peuvchenda Bun
Rachael Fermin
Rucha Thakkar
Sanjaya Bhatia
Sara Diaz
Sharda Basenet
Shreeram KC
Steve Francis Sarigumba
Sumeet Aggarwal
Suzanne Rodrigues
Vica Rosario Bogaerts
Zinat Ara Begum

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