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Safer school construction – Stage 2: Plan

In the community planning stage, the program manager and school management committee talk with safety experts and find a safe site for building a school. They also talk with the community to understand what kind of school is needed.

There are three steps in Stage 2:

Step 1: Determine need
Step 2: Assess project viability
Step 3: Create a project plan

What stakeholders provide for Stage 2: Plan

Government agencies provide

  • Regional hazard information
  • Land for school construction
  • Hazard specialists

Local community provide:

  • Community needs
  • Knowledge of local hazards
  • Knowledge of community practices

Implementing organisation (for example, NGO, CBO, local authority) provides:

  • Program manager to facilitate process
  • Technical experts to collaborate with community
  • Project scope
  • Funds
Watch Stage 2: Plan

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Download Checklist – Stage 2: Plan: what to consider before you begin
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Use Stage 2: Advantages, Challenges and Strategies
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