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Safer school construction – Stage 5: Maintain

In the post-construction stage the school is handed over to the community with a big celebration. The school management committee then focuses on developing school safety procedures and educational tools. These will ensure that both the lessons of safety and the school building itself are maintained.

There are three steps in Stage 5:

Step 1: Develop a school use manual and maintenance plan
Step 2: Celebrate completion and integrate safety
Step 3: Promote broader responsibility

What stakeholders provide for Stage 5: Maintain

Government agencies provide:

  • Approvals
  • Maintenance and Operation Funds

Local community provides:

  • Trained school staff
  • School Disaster Management Committee
  • Maintenance staff

Implementing organisation (for example, NGO, CBO, local authority) provides:

  • Program manager to facilitate process
  • Community training
Watch Stage 5: Maintain

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Download Checklist – Stage 5: Maintain: what to consider before you begin
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Use Stage 5: Advantages, Challenges and Strategies
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